Advantage of Internet

Advantage of Internet

Advantages of internet
Advantages of internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet


In this article, we have told the Advantages of the Internet side by side the disadvantage of the Internet. In this debate, we have explained all the advantages and disadvantages in detail.

In today’s modern era, the Internet has made the life of man very simple and informative. We should thank the Internet and technology because today with the help of this we are able to connect the country with the world and the knowledge and news are reaching us from every corner of the world.

Internet is being used in every field of business, education, medicine, transportation, schools, colleges, traditional programs, and personal life.- –

Advantages of Internet

In the olden days, only websites were browsed through the Internet, emails were sent. But in today’s modern era, the Internet is being used in every area of the world for every technology-related work. The Internet has now become a kind of need of man.


The more facilities the Internet has given in human life, the more it is slowly becoming a threat to human beings. Today internet has reached every doorstep and everyone from child to old age is using it. Whether people are using the internet for entertainment or for business one should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.


According to a report dated June 30, 2019, people in China, India, America, Brazil use the most internet. Mobile companies or broadband companies provide internet facilities in almost all countries of the world, for which those companies ask their consumers. Charges according to the specified data plan. But all those companies get the Internet through a world-class organization called Internet Service Provider.

Here we know about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet. It is necessary to know these things because they read many types of effects in our life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Advantages of internet
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Advantages or Benefits of the Internet.

1. Online Bills- Advantage of Internet

We can pay all types of bills with the help of the Internet. On the internet, we can pay all bills of electricity, telephone, DTH, or online shopping in a few minutes with the help of a credit card or net banking.

2. Can send and receive information

No matter where you are sitting in any corner of the world, you can send and receive many types of information or information from one place to another in a few seconds. Today, you can make voice calls, voice messages, email, video calls, and send a variety of other files over the Internet.

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3. Online Office – Advantage of Internet

There are some big companies that allow their employees to work from home through the internet. There are many companies related to online marketing and communication, whose employees do marketing work through the Internet on laptops and mobile phones at home.

Online Shopping -Advantage of Internet

Advantages of internet
Advantages of internet

Now people do not even need to go to the shop again and again because now you can do online shopping with the help of the internet sitting at home and buy goods at cheap prices without any bargaining. Today, with the help of an online shopping website, you can not only buy goods, but if you want, you can also send gifts to your family and relatives.

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Business promotion – Advantage of Internet

As we know now the internet has made its place in the house. That is why through the Internet if you want, you can take your business very far. All the big companies of the world are taking the help of the internet to take their business further. All the companies of the world are trying to spread their business through the internet all over the world with the help of online advertising, affiliate marketing, and website.

Online job details and application

Now applying for jobs and getting information has also become very easy. Now you can easily know about any job with the help of a job portal website sitting at home and can also apply for a job by visiting their website.

Freelancing – Advantage of Internet

Freelancers are gradually increasing on the internet who are earning a lot of money through freelancing. A freelancer means making some money by using your skills on the internet. Today people on the internet are earning money sitting at home by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, uploading videos on YouTube, and many other ways.

Entertainment -Advantage of Internet

    1. Advantages of internetAdvantages of internet

In this modern era, now the internet has become a means of entertainment at home. In our free time, we can listen to songs, watch movies and television with the help of the internet. Internet helps in chatting with our friends and elative through social media and social networking websites.

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Loss or Disadvantages of Internet

Waste of Time


For those who use the Internet to get more information for their office work, the Internet is very beneficial for them, but for those who make it their habit without meaningless, it is only time wastage. We should use the internet according to the time.

Internet is not free

We should take internet connection only when we need it because almost all internet providing companies take heavy charge of the internet. If you do not need the Internet much, then you can take a pre-paid Internet service, with the help of which you can recharge and use the Internet whenever you want.

Exploitation, pornography, and violent images

Advantages of internet
Advantages of internet

The Internet makes communication speed very fast. That’s why people exploit and take unfair advantage of enemies or those whom they want to defame by spreading false propaganda online. Along with this, there are many such websites on the Internet that have obscene things, due to which young children are getting the wrong education.

Identity theft, hacking, viruses, and fraud

Do you know that about 50-60% of the websites on which you register your account sell or misuse your personal information? With the help of internet the hackers can also hack your important information.

More recently, there was a ransomware attack on many computers around the world, in which many people lost crores. It is through the Internet that our computers and mobile phones are prone to viruses, so it is very important to have good antivirus protection.

Spam Emails, Ads Spam emails, and Advertisements

Many fraudulent companies send false emails by stealing people’s personal information and email id from the Internet, from which they cheat them. Reply only to the emails you need. Immediately send or delete the unknown email in the Spam list. Do not buy anything from the link of the email, always go directly to a big shopping website and buy the same.

Internet Addiction & Health Effects

Whether it is an addiction to alcohol or anything else in the world, it is not good for the body. There are many such people who have an addiction to the internet

has many bad health effects like weight gain, pain in feet and hands, pain and dryness in the eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, mental stress, back pain, etc.


In this post, we have given complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet is very simple words. Use the Internet in the right way for your needs and work. Don’t make it a bad habit and a reason to spoil your health.


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