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Blogging 2

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Blogging 2


This is part 2 of blogging continuing with part one. we have well known that blogging is a business with passion today, for earning money online by expressing your ideas. Blogging may be part-timer or full-timer as you required and your passion.

To add 10 Essential Blogging Tools

Add these tools, that have been tested and used by an award-winning blogger, to your blog and increase your visitors.

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I hope, you have finally decided to take a blog leap. You’ve heard about marketing and search benefits, so you stepped on the plate and signed up for a TypePad, MovieTable, or WordPress blog software package and now you’re a blogger.


Ok, what now? I have listed the ten essential blogging tools that you must have to add these and you also be on the way of creating and well promoting that are the powerful marketing tools. I will explain the use of these tools and provide some suggestions, including the tools I use on my own blog, including the duct tape market blog.


The best way to learn about blogs and blogging is to at least watch, lots of blogs. One of the wonders of blogs is that you can make every new post from every blog you want to read on your desktop or online through RSS, so you can easily read and scan many blog posts in a very short time. News Gator is a good online option for feed reading, and there is also a version that is integrated with Outlook. I use a free online service known as Blog lines.

Subscriber center

To your blog visitors to subscribe your blog RSS feed you should make it easy so that blog visitors can read blog posts easily. You should go to Feed burner which is the best way to burn your RSS feed that tools to provide and set up automatic subscriber links. so that people, for example, Bloglines, Google Reader, MyYahoo or Would like to use Pluck. You install one button to subscribe. Tech types can detect this without a button but it is not easy for anyone to figure out why.


Side note 

You will force some visitors  to come on the blog by subscribing your site

Email Subscription Options


A lot of people will never get the whole feed thing, but everyone gets an email. Make an option to subscribe by giving people your email address – they will receive your blog posts just like an email message. Feed Burner provides this service for free. Feed Blitz is another option or, if you already have an autoresponder email list service, they can offer this service. AWeber provides this and helps me integrate these blog email clients into my other mailing lists.

Blog and RSS Directory

There are hundreds of blogs and RSS directories, and it can be a good thing to be listed in lots. I use a piece of software called RSS Submit, but you can also go to Robin Gode’s frequently updated list and submit your blog and feed by hand.



Hint: Subscribe to the RSS feed that provides you, and you will be notified when new directories are added.

Pinging of Post

When you post new content on your blog, to know various blogs and RSS directories pinging term is used.


You should activate the FeedBurner, it is an automatic option to PingShot easily.

The other options are PingGoat and Pingo Matic, but they require every time update on posting a new post.

Bookmark manager

You can find such sites that you may point your readers by hopping from blog to blog around the web. Online bookmark managers allow you to bookmark, and categorize web, and blog pages as you gather them, and are a great tool for managing everything, you find on the web. I use but the blacklist does a good job.

Blog stats

I like to track some key statistics in real-time because it shows that other blogs can connect with you or post about your blog. A lot of people like to track these kinds of things just for fun and often visit sites like Technorati. I like to track this for networking opportunities. To see the traffic from where it is coming I use a tool named MyBlogLog. This tool also tracks the links that were clicking on my blog. this data helps you to write more effectively.

Desktop posting


You should post with the tools that most blog software provided by the blog software. Many bloggers like to use desktop applications to create and submit their posts because it gives them some additional tools and allows them to integrate content and files more easily on their computers.


I use w.blogger, but like Display, Qumana, and ecto (Apple people) (w.blogger also doubles as a really simple HTML editor.)

Tell a friend script

The pMachine provides an option for the readers to click a link and send a post to his friend. This tip exposes me to a lot of readers. You can try looking here for some simple scripts that do the same

Re-publish your feed headlines

blogging 2
blogging 2

The ability to republish your blog posts on other web pages, sites by yourself, or strategic partners is a great way to expose the content of your blog to people. Once we turn to FeedBurner in a painstaking way to republish your blog post to any web page you choose, they call BuzzBoost.


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