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Difference between Yoga and Exercise

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Difference between Yoga and Exercise


Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and exercise are different in nature, but some people things that both are the same things. both have their different merits and is never similar in any process. yoga is an only physical and slow process. yoga maintain physical, mental, and emotional process where exercise is a fast process and increases the mobility of our body.

Now we come to know about the difference between Yoga and Exercise.

Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise

In the exercise, there is no control over our breathing and it increases and goes down. But in yoga there is full control over our breathing, this is taught out firstly on the basis of posture.

By yoga asana, we get strong from the inner and outer body both, whereas exercise makes strong only outer body and its parts.

The body remains flexible with yoga

Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise

Exercise increases the intensity due to the fast speed of our body which causes muscle damage, but yoga is a slow process which increases our stamina, here no type of body organs are damaged.

Digestion power in exercise increased and the man feels hunger, but in yoga, the digestive system goes down and a man feels healthy and fresh.


There is faster consumption of our energy in exercise so we feel tired but in yoga, energy consumption is very slow this is the reason by which we feel no tired.

In exercise, there is require more spaces and equipment, but in yoga, only mat spreading space is required.


Yoga learns to focus on breath,  asan and centralized our awareness. yoga increases our power of controlling the senses and mental strength. Whereas exercise learns to focus on ourselves.


Yoga is a principle of the right food, light food, right thought, right breath, regular yoga and proper rest whereas exercise has no such principles.

yoga is done by every age of people even sick people can do easy yoga whereas exercise cannot be done by any age group.

Difference between Yoga and Exercise

Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise
  1. Yoga is beneficial for mind, body, and soul. While on one hand yoga gives color to the body, on the other hand, it also awakens the soul and infuses positive energy. Workout done in the gym is only physically good, its mental and spiritual benefits are less.

     2. Yoga is beneficial both inside and outside, during yoga, body movements, stretching and folding, etc. are beneficial for the digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system, etc.        It keeps your cardiovascular system (cardiovascular system) healthy by removing toxic substances from the body. It also makes the muscles strong. Gym workouts only strengthen muscles and heal cardio.

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  1. Yoga increases confidence in yourself, you are able to assess your weaknesses and strengths correctly. It has been rightly said that Yoga is not only for improving oneself but it also enhances self-confidence. If you are unable to do well in gym classes like boot camps and style classes, then your self-confidence staggers.
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  1. Yoga focuses on itself. Many yoga centers do not have glass so that you can focus on your body. In this, you get to know what every organ and every muscle is doing. While there is glass in the gym, it worries that others will be watching you and you also start seeing others.
Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise
  1. Yoga keeps you lean by stretching the muscles you increase them so it makes your body look lean. In a gym workout, you lift weights so the muscles swell.
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  1. Yoga is more effective. Yoga depends on your body because in this you stretch the body and make it long. In the gym, you lift weights while in yoga you use only the body weight, it gives body color and it is strong. By using weights or heavy equipment, the muscles are separated, so that they work differently than the joint to benefit you and take more time.
  2. Yoga can be done anywhere Yoga in the studio is a different experience, but still, you can do yoga at home, outside or even in a small place. For yoga, all you need is 6 feet by 4 feet. Want more space and more equipment in the gym.
  3. Yoga is right for the body, it is not that there is no emphasis on doing yoga. If someone is doing Ashtanga, ask him how difficult it is. Yoga creates heat in the body and muscles are stressed, but in this, you do as much as your body can do. When you lift more weight in the gym that causes pressure on the joints and can also cause injury. In yoga, you pull the body in one posture, so the body is ready for the next pose.
  1. Yoga eases your pain. In the gym, there is probably more pain. You slowly pull the muscles and take energy into the body. Muscle flexibility and lubricant keep the body healthy. Lifting weights and running on the treadmill causes more stretch, which can also cause injury.


  1. Yoga helps you to take an open breath, we do not breathe properly during stress and take a shallow breath even if we take it. One cannot think properly without a deep breath. In yoga, we give importance to the breath, and through which we are able to take a deep breath in times of need.
Difference between Yoga and Exercise
Difference between Yoga and Exercise
  1. Yoga is a quiet exercise. During yoga we are calm and we feel relaxed. Like a gym, groaning, falling of dumbbells, clenching teeth, making a mouth are not exciting things like a gym. The main purpose of yoga is to remove tension from body and mind.


  1. Yoga relieves stress and meditation is practiced in many yoga classes. This makes you forget all the stress of the day. Stress situations can be easily fought with practice and stress levels can be reduced. The rivalry of exercising more than each other in the gym, the loud sound of songs and flashing lights can increase your stress.


  1. Yoga can be done by anyone, Yoga is not affected by your age and health, anyone can do it. A person with any disease, from Parkinson’s to cancer, can do yoga. A person who is sick or old cannot work out in the gym.
  1. Yoga focuses on meditation. During yoga, you focus on breath, posture, and seeing a tuck. No outside interference bothers you. When you are distracted due to fast music, TV, etc. in the gym and you are unable to concentrate


  1. Yoga practitioners are more happy and fun friends! We are happier than gym-goers. We live in an environment where they quickly mix with each other. There is no such thing as which currency will be used for longer. Yoga has the same ambiance as melodious music all around.


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