How Google Algorithm Works

How does Google Algorithm Works?

How Google Algorithm Works


What is Google Algorithm? How it Works – What is Google Algorithm Updates, we will know in detail in today’s blog post.

Every blogger and You tubers, as well as the common man, want to know that how does Google Algorithm works? It is also important to know about Google Algorithm Updates. Because it helps in completing the SEO of your website.

First of all, we will know what is Google Algorithm?

What is Google Algorithm? Google Algorithm is an SEO process, which searches queries by users.

It is used to rank the web pages that came in the result.

Google search engine keeps making regular changes from time to time to improve the experience of its users and this change i.e. Update comes under Google Algorithm only. You must read here coronavirus tips for self-isolation.

When we do a keyword search in GOOGLE and after searching, we see thousands of results on the Google page, and out of them, in the first place and in the second place, that is, the result appears according to the rank, this all Google’s Algorithm decides which web page is to be shown at the top and which at the end in the search results.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates can be followed by the official Twitter account. Due to Algorithm Update, Google first shows high-quality content from its search engine i.e. at the top and then low-quality content at the bottom. Google is always updating its algorithm from time to time. Therefore no single webpage or article can be in the first, second, or top rank. Google’s algorithm always keeps on replacing the top position webpage with some good and high-quality updated content. Google does not reserve a first or second place for anyone. You should read here the warrior mindset train your brain.

Search Engine Results Pages

Search engines use a combination of several algorithms and ranking signals to show relevant web pages according to their rank in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

So that the users can find the correct answer to the question searched by them on the same results page and their search experience is very good.

 Google does thousands of updates every year in its algorithm

Updates keep adding new features and laws, but their information is not accessible to the general public.

What is Google Algorithm?

Through the Google algorithm, Google gives accurate information on the query searched by users in its search engine. And it keeps on making changes from time to time by bringing updates to its algorithm every year so that its users do not have any kind of problem and they always get new and new content and Google Algorithm updates the sites with Black Hat SEO.

So now I hope that you have understood that what is Google Algorithm is. Details are here what is web hosting.

How does the Google algorithm work?

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How Google Algorithm Works

How Google Algorithm works, if you want to know it well, then you have to first understand how Google Search Engine works. After that, you will be able to understand ‘How does google algorithm works. Now let me tell you about it in detail.

Google Search Engine Works – Google Uses 4 Important Points for It.

Crawling Web Page

Google spider, which we also call google bot crawls all the data of millions of web pages present on the internet to store it in its index server.

Web Page Analyzer

The web pages of any website are analyzed by google by indexing the data of the website.

 Save In Server

After then google saves all our website web pages on its server.

Search Query Filter ( By Ranking Algorithms)

After that any query related to our website content comes in Google search engine, then according to Google algorithm, our web page is ranked in SERP i.e. google algorithm determines the rank of web pages.

If you say by turning around, then Google Algorithm how to do works, first of all, Google bot crawls our website and saves its data in its index server.

Then Google Algorithm analyzes all that data well according to the guideline given inside it. And finally, it decides which web pages to rank in the SERPs.

Or you can also understand it in this way. The Google algorithm carefully examines the indexed web pages and then decides which content is to be taken at the top and which content is better. For this, according to the website’s Backlinks, Domain Authority, Content Quality, and many other SEO factors like these, the rank of the web page is determined. Here are details job crisis and Indian youth.

Turning around, the Google algorithm ranks web pages according to not one but thousands of SEO Factors and Algorithm Updates.

Google Algorithm Updates

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How Google Algorithm Works

If seen, something in the Google algorithm is updated every day, but Search Engine sometimes also brings such Major Algorithm Updates so that there is a big change in SERPs.

So now Amy will tell you about some such Major Updates

The following are some of the Google algorithm updates:

Fred – 7 March 2017

Intrusive Interstitials Update – 10 Jan 2017

Mobilegeddon – 12 May 2016

RankBrain – 16 Oct 2015

Panda – 17 July 2015

Penguin – 17 Oct 2014

Hummingbird – 26 Sep 2013

Pigeon – 24 July 2014

Payday – 12 June 2014

EMD that means Exact Match Domain – 28 Sep 2012

Page Layout Algorithm – 19 Jan 2012

About Google Algorithm Updates?

So these are some of our top Google algorithm updates but also the following three are the most popular updates.

Important Google Updates

  1. Google Panda

This is a special part of the Google Algorithm which mainly focuses on the quality of the content.

  1. 2. Google Penguin

Google penguin focuses mainly on the quality of the link

  1. Google Humming Bird

The website is favorable according to all these updates, Google places them in the upper category and for those which are against the rules, their rank gets stuck down. Google blocks spam and bad content quality websites from SERPs by imposing penalties. You in details understand here – paper cup and plate

If you want more information about the latest updates of the Google Algorithm, then you can visit the Google Algorithm Change History page of MOZ.


I have read Google Algorithm here through this article? How Google Algorithm Works I have explained well what is Google Algorithm Updates.

I sincerely hope that you have liked the information given in this blog post.

If you have any kind of query related to the Google Algorithm, then please tell us in the comment section, all possible help will be given to you.

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