Minority Policy

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Minority Policy

Minority Policy

India’s Minority Policy is Anti-National

10 reasons for India’s minority policy is a big fraud 

India’s minority policy is anti-national

Minority policy is to provide the special facilities the special caste that is in minor in comparison to Hindu. but it is not justified as constitutional law and that makes the minority policy anti-national, I do not use that word lightly but with full responsibility and seriousness, our country was partitioned on the basis of religion. Muslim League wanted special rights for Muslims but Congress preferred division of the country rather than giving in to blackmailing by Jinnah. Seven decades later we are slowly going back to square one here are 10 reasons why our

it is a big fraud

First India’s minority policy, the Constitution does not define who is the minority and who is the majority, however, all the schemes run by minority affairs catered to the six recognized minorities Muslims Christians, six Buddhist chants and Parsees no one seems to know why this is so.

It is not really an Indian policy

Second India’s minority policy, it is not really a minority policy but a Muslim policy, scholarships worth thousands of crores are given to the six minorities, these are not given based on merit but based on their population which means that Muslims the biggest minority get more than 80 percent of the allocations.

Minority the policy doesn’t primarily serve the tiniest minority

Third India’s minority policy the minority policy does not primarily serve the smallest minority as scholarship budget allocation shows smallest minorities like Jan’s six party’s or Buddhists get the least share of the pie fourth. Hindus are denied all benefits under minority schemes even in the states where they are in minority.

Minority policy flies in the face of all logic and evidence

The Supreme Court in 2002 in the TM a pie case had ruled that the minority cannot be defined at the national level because of the Constitution also talks about linguistic minorities and since they can be determined only at the state level, religious minorities should also be defined state wise, but this recommendation has been thrown in the dust.

Four India’s minority policy, India’s minority policy flies in the face of all logic and evidence its advocates say that minorities are economically and socially backward and need government support for their enlistment and since education is the best tool to overcome these challenges.
Initiatives for their education are required
Five India’s minority policy, special initiatives for their education are required, but let’s look at the data according to the 2011 census the literacy rate of Hindus is sixty-three point six one percent which is much lower than that of the minorities, how can then this Indian state justify giving an educational scholarship to sage ants with a literacy rate of eighty-six point seven three percent, while denying the same to Hindus who have literacy rate of only sixty-three point six one percent.
Literacy rates are only slightly lower
Six India’s minority policy, Muslim literacy rates are only slightly lower than that of Hindus. Similarly, let’s look at the religion-wise national monthly mean household consumption and expenditure here the difference between Hindus and Muslims is almost negligible while other minority communities are far ahead. Seeing these figures how anyone can justify giving scholarships to poor children of one community and denying it to those of others since this policy is justified saying the minorities are small in numbers. Hence they feel insecure and need extra protection but then why the smallest minorities such as Sikh, parcels, Buddhists don’t and Jains feel insecure, but the global majority Muslims and Christians too clearly feeling insecure and being a minority are not related to salmon some support.
Fifty-one percent of Muslims live in the poorest states
Seven India’s minority policy, the minority policy saying that Muslims are backward because of discrimination against them but it’s simply not true fifty-one percent of Muslims live in the poorest states of upper Assam and Bengal while these states house only 32% of the total population so naturally, on average, the Muslim community comes out as poorer their huge family the size makes matters worse. Women aren’t allowed to study most of the children attend madrasahs all this adds to their misery.
Muslim communities need states to help like SC and ST
The Constitution makers provided for special concessions to the latter based on their historical position and not on economic criteria.
Eight India’s minority policy, minority policies are champion saying that these communities need states to help like SCS and STS but as data shows except Muslims all other minorities are ahead for at par with upper-caste Hindus on both the economic and education parameters plus comparing Muslims with SC/ST’s are wrong.
Indian state regulates educational institutions
Minority Policy

India’s Minority Policy is Anti-National

Nine India’s minority policy, look at how the Indian state regulates educational institutions if Alma Akbar and Anthony open schools in the same neighborhood teaching the exact same subjects having the same syllabus and teaching from the same textbooks they are going to be treated differently by the law, while Hindu education institutions whether aided or unaided by the state are forced to reserve quota for the poor and the backward classes including for minority students. Minority educational institutions both aided and unaided are exempt from such social responsibility even for their own community members.
The Constitution speaks of minority rights in the spirit of conserving
The makers of the constitution were careful not to burden the town minority with a static and unchanging definition which is why they kept it open to interpretation accordingly, the Constitution speaks of minority rights in the spirit of conserving. The diversity of the country by ensuring that a minority group says speakers of Sanskrit in today’s India are encouraged to preserve their way of life, however, the polity has failed the spirit of the Constitution by hijacking the purpose of these rites to cater to vote bank politics. It has essentially put minorities on a higher pedestal than the Hindu majority in the eyes of the law it’s not acceptable this is Aryan power die for upward you.
Ten India’s minority policy, it’s the same for the administration of religious institutions temples can be taken over by the state and created a state property with money being taken from them and used for secular causes, on the other hand, the Indian state is designing schemes to give money for the development of schools and hospitals on waqf properties which enjoy unparalleled autonomy.


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