Published by Er K.N. Singh    CORRUPTION FILE     Corruption is a Big Threat to Development,     Corruption is typically classified as grand, petty and political, looking forward to the amounts of money lost and so the arena wherever it happens.      Grand corruption comprises acts committed at a high level of state … Read more

Blogger: Expectations VS Reality

Er. K. N. Singh Blogger: Expectations VS Reality Blogger: Expectations VS Reality Choosing Blogger: Expectations VS Reality         Choosing Blogger: Expectations VS Reality, You may make it like a book blogger by being proud since it takes an entire bunch of time and work and you’re doing it anyway. Making money for a … Read more


Published by Er. K. N. Singh             HOW TO USE SMARTPHONE The Number One Question You Must Ask for How to Use Smart Phone Many People Don’t Know These days smartphone has become a part of our life. The smartphone is everything for the young generation. Our phone is everything for … Read more