The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The future of two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles
The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The future of two-wheeler electric vehicles is bright in the country, the market may be up to 10% in 2025 against the recent 1%

According to the claim of India Rating and Research, the sale of e-scooter can increase by 20-25% due to subsidies from the government.

The era of electric vehicles is going to start in India soon. There is a big market for two-wheeler sales in the country. But rising petrol prices seem to be curbing its growth.

But this dilemma is also on the way to ending soon with electric vehicles. This is because the penetration of electric two-wheelers (E-2W) is expected to increase rapidly in the Indian auto sector due to the reduction in the cost of electric vehicles (EVs) as well as increased subsidies for new models.

That’s how growth can happen-The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

If we talk about statistics, in FY21, e-2Ws contributed less than one percent to the total two-wheeler sales. But by FY 2025 this sale ratio in two-wheeler is expected to increase to 7-10%.

The news agency IANS has written, citing India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra), that the penetration of e-mobility in the scooter segment will increase in the coming times, so the sale of e-scooter is expected to increase by 20 to 25 percent in the coming time.


The agency expects that this growth of electric vehicles in the coming years will be driven by reducing the price delta between EV and ICE (internal combustion engine), as the FAME-2 scheme for e-vehicles offers increased subsidies.

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Therefore, the growth of EVs can increase rapidly. The agency also believes that e-scooters will lead the way in electrification in this industry segment due to their high urban presence.

There will be further improvements -The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles


Also, the recently launched EVs and new models planned in the next few years are likely to have better range, speed, and battery size.

Thus, the performance of the e-2W is expected to be even better than the existing ICE variants available in the market.

According to the agency, the total cost of an e-scooter is now equal to that of an ICE scooter. Not only this, India Rating sees more possibilities of adopting e-2W by e-commerce companies and delivery companies in the coming times.

It has the potential to be used for delivery to use as a bike taxi. Therefore, the penetration of EVs in India seems to be increasing in the coming times.

Darwin Group to enter the Indian market with electric 2-wheeler Darwin EVAT

Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) has embarked on a new journey with its next-generation battery-powered two-wheeler electric vehicle (EV) segment.

Darwin Platform Group\’s three flagship models in the electric two-wheeler category, the Darwin- D-5, D-7, and D-14 are all set to hit the Indian market by the end of the year (December 2022).

The rising price of petroleum products has also increased the demand for battery-powered vehicles in the Indian market.

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Many big brands already present in India are investing heavily in this segment of electric cars, while Darwin Group has also set an investment target of Rs 450 crore for EVAT.

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EVAT is taking a comprehensive approach from research and development to production, including strategic collaborations and partnerships.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Raja Roy Chowdhury, CEO, of DPGC said, “Darwin Group is ready to bring EVAT to the Indian markets by the end of this year.

The production of the Darwin EVAT equipped with Japanese technology has already started at the factory located in Delhi-NCR.

The plant provides an integrated system for manufacturing and testing batteries, assembling vehicles, and line testing.

We are in the process of establishing a strong dealership and retail network across the country to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and low-cost vehicles.”

Dr. Choudhary said, “Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has also stressed energy independence through the use of Biofuels, Solar Energy, and Electric Vehicles (EVs), on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of the country.


It is estimated that EV two-wheeler sales in India are expected to grow at a rate of over 78 percent by 2030. Darwin EVAT will ensure that our customers also get excellent after-sales services before entering the market.

When electric vehicles develop And charging infrastructure is one of the major concerns of the country when it comes to widespread adoption.


We need a highly efficient ecosystem in terms of sales as well as its charging and after-sales services to be successful in this sector. We are working on a plan which will give immense benefit to the customers.”

The Darwin EVAT is receiving promising responses from auto dealers across the country mainly due to its low cost and better features as compared to the existing vehicles in the market.

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With the ‘ Charge and Go’ maxim, these two-wheeler EVs – Darwin – D-5, D-7, and D-14 will bring the younger generation with trendy muscular design, improved mileage, keyless entry, speed control gear, battery swapping, and digital Provide a new experience with many other features including cluster, etc.,

“We are now focusing more on our marketing and sales network- The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles
The future of Two-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The automobile industry is passing through an electric revolution, to which Darwin EVAT will continue to make a huge contribution with its premium vehicles.

We will also launch e-vehicles and 4-wheeler EVs in the high-speed segment in the future,” said Dr. Choudhary.

With a strong pan-India network, Darwin EVAT is providing superior-quality vehicles at affordable prices.

The Darwin D-5, D-7, and D-14 EVAT have also focused more on the pricing of these scooters than their competitors.

2023 will begin with Darwin EVAT which is making its presence felt in the 2-wheeler EV market in the country.

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