Types of Web Hosting

 Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting, Advantage and Disadvantage

Web Hosting Types: Advantages and Disadvantages ~ Want2Host
Web Hosting


Friends in this post we learn about types of web hosting, advantages, and disadvantages. The type of hosting is based on the server used on it. And accordingly, its price is determined. Which hosting plan should we take in our website or blog, it is important to know the types of web hosting. Details on types of web hosting are here:-

Shared Web Hosting:

When many other websites are hosted on your own server along with your website, then it is called Shared Web Hosting. It is only for Entry Level Website Owners.

It can be used from personal blogs/websites and small or medium-sized business blogs/websites. Shared web hosting is the easiest form of hosting.

But it has a Low Traffic Handling Capacity. And that’s why it is the cheapest web hosting service. So if you are starting blogging or a website then this is a suitable option. If traffic increases in the future, you can shift your website or blog to another web hosting.

Benefits of using Shared Web Hosting:

  1. Easy Setup Process
  2. Ready-Made Configuration Process
  3. Easy Control Panel
  4. Lowest Price

Disadvantages of using Shared Web Hosting:

  1. Our site is slow to load when there is more traffic on other websites hosted on the server.
  2. Limited options are available on the server setting.

VPS Hosting

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VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is also called VDS. VPS Hosting is considered better than Shared Hosting.

Actually, it is Shared Hosting itself. But in this, each hosting website is given a separate Dedicated Virtual Partition. Due to which even if there is a traffic load on other hosted websites, they do not affect our site. So it behaves somewhat like Dedicated Server.

We also get complete control over the configuration access. VPS hosting is mainly used by those websites or blogs that want to get some important features of dedicated hosting at a low cost.

Benefits of using VPS Hosting:

  1. Dedicated Space is (Virtually) available on the Server.
  2. The cost is less than the original dedicated server.
  3. A customization setting is available.
  4. Server Root Access is available.
  5. The traffic load of other host websites does not affect our site.

Disadvantages of using VPS Hosting:

  1. The price is higher than Shared Hosting.
  2. Knowledge of Server Customization Setting is required.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Servers are used in Dedicated Hosting. Here the server hosts only your website. In this, the server can be completely customized. This is suitable hosting for high-traffic websites. In addition, with the help of advanced software, a higher secure environment is available.

Benefits of Using Dedicated Hosting:

  1. There is complete control over Server Settings and Configuration.
  2. Server Root Access is possible.
  3. Shared and VPS hosting leads to fast content load.
  4. Can handle more traffic.
  5. High Security Features Available.
  6. It is more reliable.

Disadvantages of using Dedicated Hosting:

  1. Dedicated hosting is costly than Shared and VPS Hosting.
  2. Technical expertise is necessary to operate the server.

Cloud Hosting

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web hosting

Cloud hosting is considered to be the most reliable among all web hosting. Hosting Provider creates a network by interconnecting many web servers in it. It is called Cluster of Servers. The content and files of our website are available in the cache memory of each server. So that even if one or two servers are down, our website is not down. Also, features like Unlimited Domain, Infinite Disk Space, and Unmetered Bandwidth are provided in it.

Benefits of using Cloud Hosting:

  1. There is no problem with website downtime.
  2. There is no effect on the website even if one or two server fails.
  3. The price is determined by the bandwidth used, space, etc.

Disadvantages of using Cloud Hosting:

  1. Price cannot be accurately predicted.
  2. Root access does not have full control.
  3. Generally, its services are costly.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress also provides a Shared Hosting Service. It is mainly designed for WordPress websites or blogs.

In this, the configuration and settings of the server have been made according to the WordPress CMS. In WordPress hosting, features related to WordPress such as WordPress Themes, Plugins, Cashing, and Security Settings are already pre-installed.

It provides a highly customized environment in collaboration with WordPress. Due to which WordPress users get suitable hosting services at a low cost.

Benefits of using WordPress Hosting:

  1. Is User Friendly.
  2. Price is less than normal shared hosting.
  3. Free and Easy WordPress Installation is available.
  4. Pre-Installed Themes and Plugins are available.
  5. WordPress Tutorials and Customer Support are available.

Disadvantages of using WordPress Hosting:

  1. Suitable for WordPress sites only.
  2. Basic Themes or Plugins are Free. But for premium service, an extra fee has to be paid.
  3. WordPress CMS, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins have to be updated regularly.

What features should be in Perfect Web Hosting?

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web hosting

Uptime Guarantee: The uptime of a good hosting server should be above 99%.

Server Location: Hosting Server Location should be near to Target Audions.

Bandwidth: Our chosen hosting plan should have sufficient bandwidth. So that even when the traffic is high, media files like photos, videos can be easily loaded.

Files Access Approval: Pre or Easy Files Access Approval should be obtained through Hosting Plans. So that you can make necessary modifications to the files if needed.

Control Panel Dashboard: So that you can update your daily essentials yourself. Email Address, Account Password, and other Server Configurations and Settings, etc. can be done by yourself without any external technical service.

Multiple Domain Hosting: So that more than one domain can be hosted on the same hosting plan.

Price: Web hosting should have a competitive price. So that you can Afford it for Long Term.

Security Consideration: Your hosting should have adequate features of website security. Your site can be kept safe from hackers and unsafe access.

Backup Support: It should have an option of back up the site to keep your content safe and reserved.

Mobile Access: Access must be available on mobile devices.

Email on Domain: Email Support should be available through Hosting Service so that you can use the Professional Email of your Domain. e.g. support@yourdomain.com

Good Online Reviews: Your hosting company should have a good brand value. And there should be good reviews or ratings by the users already using it.

Industry Experience: Nowadays new companies are opening every day. In such a situation, if the web hosting service is closed after two years due to some reason, then their customers face a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, only old and experienced web hosting should be chosen.

Number of Customers: Your hosting company should have customers. This helps in assessing its successful products.

Customer/Technical Support: Your hosting service should have 24X7 customer support available through a trained and professional team.

I hope that you have well understood about types and advantages and disadvantages of web hosting.

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