What is a Web Hosting

What is a Web Hosting


Today we will try to find answers on what is a web hosting?   What are its types? And what is its importance in website development? Why is web hosting necessary for a website, there are many questions. When we think of making a commercial website or a blogging website, then we need to have two things. Both of those things are Domain Name and Web Hosting. With the help of both, we can create any website or blog on the Internet.

what is web hosting
what is web hosting?

What is web hosting?

Today there are many web hosting companies in the market that provide such services. All these companies sell their own web hosting plans. Which provide plans from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 10000 per year or more. There are some special features that web hosting companies provide. About which it is very important to be aware.

Domain Name

To host any website on a server, a domain name is required. Which is the address of your website. If you do not have your own domain name, then web hosting companies help you to register it.

Email Account

Most hosting providers provide their users with a domain name as well as an email account (e.g. your name @yourwebsite.com).

FTP Access

FTP is a type of facility through which you can easily upload all the files or data to your web server. When you build a website with HTML coding, then you can upload all your files and data. So that you can easily access your website from anywhere through the Internet.

Word Press Support

Word Press Support is the most suitable tool for online website creation. It is one of the most upgraded blogging and website building management system. It provides a convenient way to build and manage a website. More than 25% of the websites available in the world have been created on Word Press. So most of the hosting companies provide their plans with Word Press Support only. There are some simple requirements for WordPress hosting.

  • PHP version 7 or greater. 
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater.

Before buying any web hosting, you need to know about it. There are many types of web hosting. So it is very important to know which web hosting service is as per your requirement. Most people buy expensive hosting plans due to a lack of information.

 How does web hosting work?

what is web hosting
what is web hosting?

The collection of your different files is a website. When you build a website you need a place to store all these files. That location provides your hosting company’s servers.

On this server, you store your website’s media, files, database, and everything else needed to render your website properly. Exactly how much collection you have will depend on the hosting plan you choose.

Just you are starting, you will provide on rent your server to share with another website. When your traffic going increasing, you take the entire physical server.

When you sign up for a web hosting package, you usually get access to the servers through a solution like c-Panel. Uploading your file to the server is easily made by C-Panel. You can install a CMS like WordPress to easily build your site.

For a fully functioning website, you will also need to register a domain name. Once you buy it you point it to your server. It lets the web browser know that where your files are located.

When someone types your domain name or clicks on a link to your site. The web browser fetches the files from the server and displays them to the audience. All of this happened in a matter of seconds or less. Suppose this process takes too long. You will either need to speed up your website or consider changing hosts entirely.

What is the difference between Hosting and Datacenter?

what is web hosting
what is web hosting?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to web hosting and datacenter. That they are the same thing. But, technically, they are both different.  Hosting means the service hosts your files to display on the internet. For these services, you have to pay the required amount to the hosting providing company.

The most important element of a data center is the network of servers. A server is really like a desktop computer, where you are sitting at your desk, but it is more powerful than you.

The Hosting companies providing the hosting services are used a technical infrastructure facility named the Datacenter. Datacenter works on backups, security measures, connection devices, air-cooling systems, and many more.

I hope you have come to know your answer. This is part one. The best answer you will read is in the second part. So please continue reading the second part also.

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