What is Digital India scheme

What is the Digital India scheme?


In today’s post, we know about what is digital India scheme? Digitalization is a campaign started by the Government of India to give knowledge of technology and the digital world to the people in India. Today India is far away from the digital world because most of the people are still far away from the online world, so this campaign has been started.

What is the Digital India scheme?

The goal of Digital India

The campaign is to make all government facilities electronically available and connected to the Internet. This will not only increase the knowledge of digital transactions but at the same time, the country will also become corruption-free.

The Digital India initiative was taken on July 1, 2015, by PM Sri Narendra Modi. This project is planned by the government to provide digital facilities across India by the year 2030.

Also, according to this scheme, rural areas will be provided with fast internet facilities. The campaign of Digital India will also save the time spent on paper accounting and will reduce the long queues of people in the offices. The main role in this project is of ‘Ministry of Communications and Information Technology who were engaged in the work behind it.

Main objectives of Digital India Mission

  1. Securing the Digital System Safe and Secure Digital Infrastructure.
  2. If this scheme becomes completely successful then it will contribute a lot to the development of the country. With this people will be able to use all the services online, so that their capital in the country will be more secure.

Along with this, according to the Digital India campaign, high-speed internet facilities will be provided everywhere in India from small villages to cities, with the help of which people will learn to use the facilities online and make it a part of life.

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Government services will also be online

Today, most of the offices are working through the internet. However, there are some government offices where are not started online works. As per the campaign policy, the rest of the government offices willfully go on the internet. With the help of online services, people will not have to wait for long, corruption will not happen.

Promotion of Digital Literacy

Along with this campaign, the government has linked services like mobile number, PAN, bank account, life insurance, with the Aadhaar card, with the help of which now every Indian will be able to identify correctly, and people will be able to link these services with Aadhaar. Because of this, you will be able to use it easily. Also, applying for jobs and schools has become much easier as everything is being digitally linked.

9 major pillars of the What is Digital India scheme

What is the Digital India scheme
  1. Broadband Highways

Under this, the government has planned that broadband service will be provided in about 2.5 lakh panchayats of the country. Under this, the nationwide optical fiber network has to reach from city to village so that every nook and corner of the country can be connected to the digital world.

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  1. Mobile phone facility

Under this, the Government of India has planned to install mobile phone towers in almost all villages and Naxalism-affected areas. People will be able to get internet service and learn to use digital things.

  1. Public Internet Access Program

Internet services will reach all public facilities offices in rural areas. The aim is mainly to provide fast internet service at places like post offices, banks, public service centers (CSC) centers, etc.

  1. e-governance

E-governance has been brought in to make the transaction processes better and easier in all government offices. Now in most government places, you will find that challan and service are being given through online services.

  1. E-Kranti

Electronic revolution (e-Kranti) is to be promoted in every area, from city to village. E-revolution will boost the connectivity of education, business, health, financial sectors.

  1. Information for All

Information about all types of government and non-government schemes and facilities will be made available to the people online. Also, all updates will be given to the people on all social media and online portals. All this is now being done through My Gov.

  1. Electronics Production

India is importing electronic products from other countries. But this scheme has encouraged many electronic material producers to set up a company in India. Along with this, Indian people are also getting employment and our country has been a self-reliant ban in making electronic products.


Big IT companies are setting up their branches and business in India. Due to which the country’s IT engineers are getting employment and the IT sector has seen a boom.

  1. Early Harvest Program

Under this, the program is to be launched through Aadhaar approved fingerprints in all central government workplaces.

Now you can see such facilities from bank to RTO office. Along with this, the work of software development related to it is growing up.

Benefits of What is Digital India scheme

What is the Digital India scheme

To make this campaign a success, the government first took the biometric data of people with the help of Aadhaar, so that they can get their unique identity.

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After getting the Unique Identification of all the Indian people, all the services like mobile number, PAN, bank account, life insurance, ration card, gas connection, and driving license are being linked with the Aadhaar card.

Through Aadhaar all facilities are being given to the people.

Due to this, people are being identified properly and at the same time, the corruption in the middle has reduced.

Now you can buy a mobile sim with the help of Aadhaar sitting at home, apply your PAN, register your business with the help of Aadhaar. Take your life insurance online, and there are many other services that offer online KYC and with the help of OTP, it is being completed in few minutes for which people used to wait for months.

Now almost all Indian banks have the facility of online banking and ATM, with the help of which people can do all the money transactions sitting at home.

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Now PAN is also being linked with Aadhaar, with the help of which no income tax will be evaded and people can also pay TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) sitting at home.

If you get the goods at a low price sitting at home without going to any shop, then you will definitely buy them. You can buy salmon online shopping with saving your time and money.

But the special thing is to educate people digitally.

Now with the convenience of Digi Locker, you can verify all your important documents and keep them on your mobile phone. This eliminates the risk of your documents getting circulated.


The most important thing is that the government is starting all these digital facilities and services for the people. In such a situation, it is our duty of learning to use digital transactions as it is the beginning of a simple, safe, and successful life.

This saves our time and curbs corruption. You know in today’s world – time is worth more than money. Let’s join internet and digital world friends and make India a successful and developed country.


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