What is GPS and How does it work?

What is GPS and How does it work?

What is GPS and How does it work?
What is GPS and How does it work?

GPS More than 30 navigation satellites, which are present at an altitude of 30000 km above the earth and surround the earth from all sides. We keep getting to know their location because they are constantly sending signals to the earth all the time. So, we must know about What is GPS and How does it work?

The GPS device installed in your phone catches these signals. When this receiver calculates your distance from more than four satellites, then it can find out your exit location. GPS was invented by the US Air Force and was also used for military purposes. But in the 1980s, GPS was also made available for the use of the general public.

Global Positioning System

GPS consists of some satellites, ground stations, and receivers. Satellites are also like stars in a constellation, and like them, you can also find out where a satellite should be in space at a particular time. Ground stations on Earth ensure through radar whether the satellites are present at their fixed positions at the given time or not.

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The receiver in your phone or your car captures the signal coming from these satellites and calculates the distance from the satellite to the receiver. GPS can operate 24 hours a day in all weather conditions, provided there is an unobstructed on-site communication line between those 4 or more satellites.

Apart from this, there is no subscription fee or set up charge for the use of GPS. A user’s internet connection or telephone signal has nothing to do with the GPS system. But having them makes GPS positioning more effective.

How does GPS tracking system work

At any one time, there must be at least 4 satellites on a receiver’s line of sight to Earth. Each of these GPS satellites sends information about their position and time to the GPS receiver in a short period of time. This information comes to the receiver in the form of signals, which are intercepted with the help of the receiver device.

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These signals are actually radio signals, which travel at the speed of light. The distance between a GPS satellite and the receiver is determined by taking the difference between the time in which the signal is sent by satellite and the time in which that signal is received by the receiver.

Once the receiver receives a signal from at least three satellites, the receiver uses the trilateration process to pinpoint its location. Trilateration is a mathematical process that uses circles and triangles to calculate the distance and area of ​​a place.

We may know the dimensions of the objects through satellite.

What is GPS and How does it work?
What is GPS and How does it work?

To know the 2-dimensional position of an object (ie the positions of latitude and longitude on a map) it is necessary to receive signals from at least three satellites. On the other hand, if the 3-dimensional position of the receiver is to be known, then it becomes necessary to receive the signal of at least 4 satellites.

Wherever you are on this planet, there are always at least four satellites visible from your position. The more satellites that are visible from your position, the more accurate your GPS unit will be able to find your location.

Challenges in the use of GPS Technology

Time adjustment between the GPS receiver and the individual satellite.

Get the latest information on the exact location of GPS satellites.

Providing actual flight time of flight.

Interference caused by another signal.

Due to so many uses and availability of GPS, it has become quite popular among people. In fact, GPS has made this world such an easy and nice place to live.

The role of GPS in our daily life-What is GPS and How does it work?

In today’s time, the role of GPS in our life has become more and more important. It is installed in most of our vehicles and smartphones so that we can easily come anywhere. Whenever we get lost on some unknown path or want to go to such a place, about which we do not know anything, then this GPS present in our phone is of most use to us.


Like smartphones and email, GPS technology has also become a part of our daily life and we have become dependent on it to a large extent for our work. GPS has replaced the map and it has emerged as the most essential tool of navigation. Apart from this, now GPS is also being used in games and other applications like Facebook.

GPS System use- What is GPS and How does it work?

In today’s time, GPS technology is also set up in almost every device of our daily use, so that it can come in handy when needed and help in enhancing our experience. Daily devices such as smartphones, tablets, vehicles, and especially packages that we buy online also have a small tracking device fitted in them, so that the customer can get the location of that item from moment to moment.

Apart from this, now airplanes also track the way to reach their destination while flying in the sky with the help of GPS devices. Because of this, the control room at the airport keeps getting the live location of the airplane flying in the sky.

GPS locates the path in an airplane when flying in the sky.

Apart from this, the passengers present in a plane can also see their location due to GPS. Tracking a stolen vehicle is also now easier with the help of GPS technology, and they also provide a more secure experience to the customer.

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Everything has two sides. Where on one hand the life of people has become so easy due to GPS. On the other hand, due to some GPS apps, youth especially teenagers are falling prey to bad habits and taking their life in the wrong direction.

GPS also controls the apps and games

What is GPS and How does it work?
What is GPS and How does it work?

Due to these GPS apps, many issues have also been seen, which need to be noticed and brought under control. Some apps and games, such as Pokemon Go, are playing with the lives of the Blue Whale Challenge teenagers. Due to becoming addicted to these games, they do not care about their lives and put them in danger.

Not only this, but parents are also often seen tracking the location of their children. For them, it is a matter of taking care of their child, but if seen, this action of theirs is violating the privacy of a person in a way, which is legally wrong.

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GPS trackers also cannot be considered faultless due to their different uses by different people. Despite being of great use to us, it is necessary to question whether it is really ethical as we are using GPS in today’s time?

Today a powerful technology is used

Is it correct the way we are using it? As such powerful technology is being used now, it has definitely given rise to new questions in our society and ethics, for which we have not been able to find any answer yet.

Friends I hope that you have understood about GPS and its working. However any question in your mind you comment happily, I will reply them.

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