What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST
What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

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Today’s post will provide accurate knowledge on What is HSN Code is and Why it is Important for GST. Here I have tried my best to know about both codes and their uses. So let me discuss both types of codes….

Friends, as you know that it has been more than 3 years since the implementation of GST, but still there is confusion in the minds of people regarding many things related to it. Before proceeding further let us understand what is GST. Read here more important post challenges facing youth today.

The GST is a composite tax system. Earlier, where businessmen had to pay many different types of taxes, after the introduction of the GST, only one tax has remained. GST is the name of this tax system.

Goods and Services Tax is the full form of the GST. The GST and the HSN are the codes that are related to each other. Know how the GST and the HSN codes are related to each other. By now you must have understood the means of GST very well. Now let us understand about HSN code or Hassan code.

What is the HSN Code?

What is the HSN Code?
What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

HSN Code means – Harmonized System of Nomenclature.

HSN code is called the way of classification of goods. HSN codes are an international method of classification of goods and services. To classify goods under the GST regime HSN codes are used it.

Why the HSN Code is Important?

While implementing the Goods and Services Tax, a separate code was created for each item sold to make it clear on which item how much tax will be charged. For example, if the tax rate on a cycle is 5%, then the rate on cycle parts can be 12%. Read in detail on cybercrime in online gaming.

So when a dealer sells a cycle, his HSN code is different, and when he sells parts of a cycle, his code is different. Similarly, the code of gold jewelry and diamond and pearl jewelry will be different and the tax rate on them may also be different.

Creation of HSN codes for What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

Creation of the HSN code
What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST

following What is HSN Code and Why It is Important for GST


The HSN codes have been created to determine the correct classification of every item being sold under the GST regime and the rate of tax applicable to them. This code can be of 2 digits, 4 digits, 6 digits, and 8 digits. You should also read this post on how to make soya bean milk.

Every item sold has a different code fixed. The rate of tax will be different on every item that is why 2 thousand codes of different items have been made to avoid the dispute of tax rate.

What is the GST Code?

Ever since the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system came into force, a unique code has been provided to all the states. The GST Full Form is Goods and Service Tax.

The GST code is a 5 digit GST Identification Number (GSTIN) number. The state code provides unique state-wise GSTIN PAN Identification for the same PAN.

Why is the code information important?

After selling any type of goods, when the bill of sale will be issued, then it will be necessary to write the HSN code of the item being sold in that bill. Therefore the merchants have to know the code of the item to be sold. While submitting the GST return online, the information about the number of goods bought and sold under which code will have to be given. This arrangement will facilitate the claim of the input tax rebate. Read also in detail how the Google algorithm works.

How to get the HSN Code

Information about the HSN codes of goods can be found through the internet from various websites, the  GST officers, soon-to-be-launched government helpline service, and C. A. and tax consultants. For code, details click on the link given below-


Click here to see the complete list of HSN Codes

The HSN Code Meaning

HSN Code Meaning is Harmonized System of Nomenclature. This is called the classification of objects. Harmonized System of Nomenclature is called Harmonized System of Nomenclature.

The HSN Full Form

HSN Full Form is Harmonized System of Nomenclature. HSN is used to classify items. HSN is called the Harmonious System of Nomenclature.

Full-Form of the HSN and the GST

The full form of HSN is Harmonized System of Nomenclature and the full form of GST is Goods and Service Tax.

What is the HSN code?

Just like every person’s name is different. In the same way, all things have different names. A unique name is given to the goods to bring them under the tax net. The unique name of the objects is called the HSN code.


I hope that you have understood the HSN codes and GST codes separately. But both the codes are linked to each other. You have to know both the codes about the products that you are dealing with. This becomes very important when you need to fulfill the tax format and submit it to the Government. Any question in your mind related to this post you can comment happily. I will try my best to reply you comments.

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