What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information


In this article, you will get knowledge on WHAT IS PM-WANI scheme? complete information. This is called PM-WANI as Wi-Fi Access Network Interface. Here you will be able to know when the PM Vani scheme will start, who will get it, and what will be its benefits.

What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information
What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

PM-WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) Scheme.

Recently in the meeting of the Modi cabinet in December 2020, it has been decided to launch the PM-WANI scheme. Under the PM-WANI i.e. PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface scheme, the Wi-Fi revolution will start all over the country.

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Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has been said to launch the PM-WANI scheme. If seen in the true sense, then it will be possible to reach the internet facility completely from village to village. According to the government, people will be able to use PM-WANI’s Wi-Fi service for free.

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With the help of the PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface, Wi-Fi networks will be made available to people widely in India. With this, more and more people will be able to connect to the Internet.

How will the scheme work?-What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information
What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

According to the Modi government, there will be three important units of the PM-WANI scheme-

  1. Public Data Offices (PDOs)

Public Data Offices will be opened first for the smooth working of the PM-WANI scheme. The government says that it will not require any kind of license, fees, or registration.

  1. Public Data Aggregator

Public data aggregator units will be set up that will check up all the accounting, and authorization of the Public.

  1. Unit App Provider

To use the PM-WANI scheme securely and correctly, a unit will be created that will provide all digital authentication information from app designing to app download. Their main job will be to get the user to download the app developed by the government, get it authenticated, and share the link of the app on the app store and website.

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According to the PM WANI scheme, all users will have to authenticate by downloading the app from Play Store, App Store, or the given website, after which citizens will be able to access Wi-Fi for free from any data office in the country.

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According to the government, PM-WANI will start in the first phase in government-affiliated centers like Common Service Center (CSC) or Jan Seva Kendra, which will later start in small shops.

Benefits of PM WANI Scheme -What is the PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information
What is PM-WANI Scheme? Complete Information

With schemes like PM-WANI, there will be a Wi-Fi revolution in the country, but at the same time, the mission of Digital India will increase even more rapidly because people will be able to connect to more and more internet. With this scheme, now people who are not able to access the Internet will also be able to take advantage of the Internet for free.

Let us know what will be the benefits of the PM WANI Scheme

The Present minister said that the registration of PM-WANI is going to be given to the public Wi-Fi aggregator and app provider etc. within 7 days, which is a good thing.

With this, the Wi-Fi revolution will start in India.

  1. People who are unable to pay internet charges will now be able to run the internet through this Wi-Fi facility for free.
  2. With this PM-WANI scheme, the facility of the internet will be accessible to the people in every nook and corner of the country.
  3. Now people will not think about the cost of running the internet because the PM VANI scheme will be given to the people free of cost.
  4. Now students will be able to take online education even in the villages.
  5. With the help of the PM WANI Scheme, the dream of Digital India will be fulfilled even faster.
  6. In a true sense, the PM-WANI Scheme is the real rule of India, that is, a scheme to strengthen the Internet in the countryside. If this plan becomes completely successful then no one can stop India from moving ahead in the technical field.
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That is why this PM-WANI scheme by the Narendra Modi government is not really a Wi-Fi revolution but has the power to take the form of a digital and technological revolution in India.

Friends, you have come to know about the PM-WANI scheme completely. If any questions in your mind then comment happily, I will try my best to reply soon.


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