The manufacturing of artistic Wooden Furniture is wide and varied in nature starting from plank, Almirah, table, chair, rack, meat safe, and whatnot. Apart from utility furniture made of good quality wood and highly finished adding beauty to the room.



This project report has been prepared by www.sicopr.com for setting up a unit for manufacturing fancy and artistic wooden furniture.

In this project, there will be a process of integrated wooden furniture manufacturing from cutting wood, finishing, and painting to retailing the products to their customer.  The other process like carving and others will be met on a contract base.

The manufacturing of artistic wooden furniture and other fancy items has become very popular. These days of modern living fancy wooden furniture is an essential commodity for a family.

The modern life furniture and fixtures used in a family are wide and varied in nature starting from plank, Almirah, table, chair, rack, meat safe, and whatnot. Apart from utility furniture made of good quality wood and highly finished adding beauty to the room.

Wooden furniture and fixtures always enjoy a ready market whole the year and selling quality furniture with elegant get-ups should find no difficulty in the consumer market.

Fancy wooden furniture is used very extensively for household and official purposes. Hence the product of fancy wooden furniture has good marketing demand in the country.

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Today wooden furniture also has many brands or company names however the local demand is high due to marriage ceremonies and other causes that are fulfilled by local manufacturers and have low competition.

Due to construction activity, the housing industry, and official installations the demand for such wooden furniture is increasing very rapidly. Also is increasing the demand for attractive and genuine wooden furniture due to their attraction, finishing, and changing lifestyle standard of living, and outlook.

Sometimes it becomes gift items such as a sofa, dining table, palang, dressing table, and wooden almirah in the wedding ceremony.  

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The demand for traditional appeal and durability of wooden furniture is increasing highly in the international market side by side domestic market. The project will be able to employ skilled labor to add local wood value to the finished products i.e. wooden furniture.

The population has a high growth rate of 2.41% and forestry covering an area of ​​1.4 million acres (Source, Sardar, and Sardar associates) constitutes an investment opportunity in the region. Nearly 2.4 million tourists (both foreign and local) visit the surrounding areas.

Hence there exists an opportunity for the display and marketing of furniture, a skilled labor force is readily available, and hence wooden spice centers. All the equipment required in the manufacture of furniture is readily available at a low cost.

The consortium can be developed for marketing fine furniture. Export potential also exists. The best and strongest craftsmen also added the benefits of these products and sold them.

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However, there are barriers to addressing the latest technology. With the rapid growth in the development of new housing schemes, increased demand for wooden furniture is anticipated.

According to the National Housing Policy 2001, the annual excess requirement is estimated at around 570,000 housing units, while annual production is estimated at around 300,000 housing units, resulting in a recurrence of 270,000 housing units per year.

The household size is 6.6 persons and occupancy is 3.3 persons per room. In addition, the introduction of new schemes by various banks for home and consumer financing has also increased the purchasing power of the public.

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With the unique style and elegant appearance of this furniture, the international market is going up day by day. The international market demand is increasing gradually at a rate of 4 percent per annum. (Statistical Division of Pakistan).


There seems to be an increasing trend in the supply and demand gap in the future. All export targets are set by the Government of Pakistan in excess of $ 18 million. Export

The development trend of the country also applies to the furniture industry simultaneously.



  1. The cost with respect to land, building, plant & machinery, raw materials, and finished products has been taken at the time of preparation of this project report and may vary depending upon various factors.
  2. This report is detailed only in Techno-Economic –Feasibility aspects.
  3. This project may be set up where the raw materials are easily available.
  4. This project is based on a single-shift basis and 300 working days in a year.
  5. Tax, Freight, Installation, and electrification cost is taken at 15% of the cost of machinery and equipment.
  6. Non-refundable deposits, project report cost, trial production, and security deposits with the Electricity Board are taken under pre-operative expenses.
  7. Depreciation has been considered:

(a) On Building @ 5%

(b) On plant and machinery @ 10%

(c) On office furniture and fixtures @ 10%

(d) On other fixed assets @ 10%.

    1. Interest in capital investment has been taken at 12.50% per annum.
    2.  Promoter contribution has been taken @ a minimum of 05% of total investment.
    3. All calculations are based on a single shift running.
    4. It has been assumed that the unit will achieve its capacity – 1st.yr.50%, 2nd.yr.60%, 3rd.yr.70%, and so on.
    5. It has been assumed that the unit will run for 8 hours per day.



The proposed unit will be set up at the site that is justified to be suitable in view of the following basic considerations:-

  1. Availability of raw materials & consumables.
  2. Availability of Power, Fuel, Water.
  3. Banking facility.
  4. Marketing prospectus.
  5. Good communications.
  6. Labor facility.


Wooden Planks of Season, Sal, Mango and, laminated sheets, plyboard, sun mica, other woods.

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Fancy, and artistic wooden furniture and fixture.


  1. Palang 10 nos.
  2. Sofa 10 sets.
  3. Dining Tables with chairs 10 sets.
  4. Official tables with chairs 10 sets
  5. Dressing Tables 10 nos.


  • 8 hours per day
  • 25 days per month.
  • 300 days per annum.



The wooden furniture manufacturing process is linked with the measurement of sewed planks, Shaping, bending, and chiseling according to design; Finishing touch with sandpaper; Finally applying varnish/paint/lamination. The lamination of furniture is done by using laminated sheets.

Here the wood is cut into blocks and slabs of various sizes as per the shape and sizes required. If the purchased wood is not sewed, these blocks/slices are sewed through different processes, namely:


Boiler system.

vacuum system.

Seasons are made by inserting slices of wood under normal environmental temperatures for a considerable period. The desired design is selected before beginning the manufacture of any furniture product.

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The selection of elegant design is important to ensure an attractive finished product. Experienced wooden blocks are cut into desired shapes and slices according to the design requirement. Wooden slices are molded into desired shapes according to the design.

Carving means different beautiful statues carved in wood. The quality of the carving depends on the skill of labor. Once the individual pieces are cut and molded, these parts/pieces are assembled or fixed together to shape the final product.

The assembled product is ground to make the surface smooth. Once the surface is smooth, finishing materials are applied to prepare the surface for paint or polish.

After finishing the base the final finishing is applied based on the requirement in the period of paint/polish. Fabric upholstery is made according to the design requirements.


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