Cow Dung Wood-Making 

Cow Dung Wood-Making 

Cow Dung Wood-Making 
Cow Dung Wood-Making

The cow dung-based product manufacturing business is one such initiative that can meet our primary needs (fuel) without harming the environment. Here are details on the Cow Dung wood-making business.

Business of Cow Dung Wood-Making :

Given the increasing inflation, today we need to develop such businesses, which can be easily started anywhere with less capital investment.

The dung-based product manufacturing business is one such initiative that can meet our primary needs (fuel) without harming the environment.

Provided that if we can properly manage/dispose of cow dung waste, then the waste can be easily converted into wealth, meaning the waste can also be made a source of good income. Which works to beautify the waste to wealth in a positive aspect?

Today, through this post under the dung product manufacturing business, we will share detailed information about such a business, which has always been counted in the category of an evergreen business.

Importance of Cow Dung Wood Making Business

Establishing the business of making wood from cow dung is an evergreen running a big profitable business.

Wood made from cow dung is not only used in religious rituals like worship, yagya, havan, and washing, apart from this the highest consumption of cow dung wood is also done in places like cremation grounds and icy/cold places, etc.

Burning the wood made from cow dung catches fire quickly and also preserves the fire for a long time, as well as the smoke produced by burning the wood made of cow dung also purifies the environment.

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Apart from this, wood made from cow dung is also manufactured at a much lower cost than the cost of traditional wood. This indicates a significant profit from the business point of view.

Raw Material for Cow Dung Wood Making

For making wood from cow dung or making cow wood, only 02 types of raw materials are required. Also, this raw material can be obtained very easily from any region of India.

These are the raw materials for Cow Dung Wood Making 

  1. Animal dung (cow dung preferred)
  2. Wood Sawdust (Any Dry Wood Sawdust)
  3. Dry grass (stubble, straw, meadow grass, etc.)
  4. Clearwater (as needed)

To make wood from cow dung, dung wood is prepared by mixing dung and wood powder/sawdust and dry grass in a ratio of 60: 30: 10 respectively.

Area for Cow Dung Wood Making Business

To establish a business of making wood from cow dung commercially, an entrepreneur/farmer or businessman needs at least 2500 sqft area, where it is necessary to have a shed at least 1000 sqft area for machine and production, etc.


The rest of the area is left open as after giving the initial structure to the product, the cow dung wood is dried in an open environment/weather under the heat of the sun.

Cow dung loaf may take 05 to 10 days to dry in an open environment/weather. It depends on the weather.

To set up the business of making wood from cow dung, the entrepreneur/farmer or businessman should choose a place that is located at some distance from the residential areas, as well as there is no problem with the movement of vehicles, etc.

It is mandatory to have a system of water etc. at your selected place.

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Apart from this, the location of machines, etc. at the selected place should be fixed in such a way that there is no inconvenience to the employees in working and keeping raw and finished goods safe.

Having a proper arrangement of electricity at your workplace/place is the primary imperative.

Manpower for Cow Dung Wood Making –

At least 07 to 10 manpower may be required to start the business of making wood from cow dung commercially.

These employees can be marketers, salesmen, accountants, skilled laborers, sweepers, etc. Along with this, you may need a cargo vehicle to carry the finished goods…

Registration for Cow Dung Wood Making Business-

It is mandatory to register Gobar Products Manufacturing Business to manufacture and sell cow dung-based products at the commercial level. By registering the business, facilities like loans and subsidies are also made accessible by the government to start the business.

To start the Cow Dung Wood Making Business,

the certification has to be done with the following proofs-

  1. MSME (Enterprise Registration)
  2. GST No (Tax Registration)
  3. NOC (No Objection Certificate) No Objection Certificate from Pollution Control Board

Machinery for Cow Dung Wood Making-

In the current market, dung-wood-making machines come at different prices depending on the working capacity. Only 02 machines are required for making cow dung wood on a commercial scale-

  1. Mixing Machine
  2. Gobar Wood Maker Machine

Cow Dung Wood Maker Machine In the current market, this machine comes in different capacities, and depending on the capacity, its price also varies.

What is the cost of a cow dung wood-making machine?

The price of a cow dung-making machine starts from Rs 45,000 per unit.

Process of Cow Dung Wood Making –

Making cow dung wood with a wood maker machine is a simple process, which is easily accomplished in steps-


First of all, take dung, wood sawdust, and dry grass in the prescribed proportion and mix them in the mixing machine.

The raw material mixture is fed into the hopper of the Wood Maker Machine. Where the wood-making machine converts the raw material from the outlet into a large loaf or log and takes it out.

Machine-fired loaves or logs are delicate and wet and are carefully removed and kept in direct sunlight to dry.

It may take around 05 to 10 days for these loaves or logs to dry completely in the open environment.

After drying completely, the wood made from cow dung is ready to be used.

The wood of the desired thickness and shape can also be manufactured easily by changing the die installed at the outlet of the machine.

Woods of less thickness is used as a priority in most religious activities.

How much space is required to set up a cow dung wood-making business?

At least 2,500 sqft is required to establish a business of making wood from cow dung commercially. Where about 1,000 sqft area is required to be roofed to protect the machine etc.

Total Cost of Cow Dung Wood-Making Making

To manufacture products made from cow dung, there is a huge cost, especially for the machinery. Generally, cow dung is taken as raw material, whose maximum price is available from any cowshed or livestock place at the rate of Rs.05 to 11 per kg.

Also, dry wood sawdust is available from any carpenter shop for free or between 02 to 10 rupees and any rural area can be contacted for the supply of components covered under dry grass.

Under the dung product manufacturing industry enterprise, one has to invest in machinery only once. If you do not have the investment money at the initial stage, then you can get the products made from cow dung made by yourself or by employing manpower by hand.

Here the employee salary, and raw materials, will have to be levied at the selected place as the cost of the business.

Broadly, it can cost at least Rs 60,000 to 1.50 lakh to establish a business making wood from cow dung on a commercial scale.

Loan for Cow Dung Wood-Making business 

Under the Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program (PMEGP) and Skill Development Scheme under the Waste to Wealth scheme of the Government of India, the aspiring entrepreneur can get a subsidy/grant of up to 35% of the total cost of Cow Dung Wood-Making business cost.

To take advantage of the subsidy or grant, the aspiring entrepreneur must register his business under Micro, Medium, and Small Scale Industries (MSME).

After getting the registration done, the MSME will send the details of the desired business to the bank. The subsidy amount is deposited in the same bank within 05 to 07 working days after the loan is sanctioned by the bank.

Marketing of cow dung wood-making

By the way, products made from cow dung do not require any kind of marketing because the demand for natural products made from cow dung always remains in the market.

This is because the products made from cow dung are mostly used in our daily use.

Although products made from cow dung are not completely effective in urban areas, in rural areas cow dung and its products are still given top priority.

Wood made from cow dung is going to prove to be such a fuel option in the present time, which is going to be needed by almost everyone.

At present, the need for Cow Dung Wood-Making is in such places as Shamsan Ghat along with the furnaces of factories, where Large quantities of fire are used.

In the initial stage, you or the aspiring entrepreneur can easily start selling your products by contacting these suggested places in your area and earning good profits.

There is always a demand for wood in these places, which makes the business of making wood from cow dung included in the category of evergreen business.

Whereas the demand for wood made from cow dung increases in the cold season, given the current inflation, most people also use wood made from cow dung on a large scale to avoid the harsh cold because the price of dung wood is tree wood as much less than the price.

For retail sales, you or an aspiring entrepreneur can easily sell cow dung wood by setting a place in the local market of your area.

Profits in Cow Dung Wood-Making

The word profit or profit fundamentally gives new inspiration to everyone. The profit limit is not fixed in this business of making wood from cow dung, because profit in cow dung business completely depends on the usage and demand,

At present, Cow Dung Wood-Making products are sold under the kilogram scale. The price of wood made from 01 kg of cow dung can range from a minimum of Rs 06 to a maximum of Rs 15 per kg.

Whereas the maximum cost of making 01 kg of cow dung wood comes from Rs.03 to Rs.05 only.

Roughly Rs.10,000 investment on manufacturing the products sold at a cost minimum of Rs.2,500 and a maximum of Rs.4,500, which indicates very good profits under waste to wealth.

In the end Dung Wood-Making 

We mean to give better and more definite data on Cow Dung Wood-Making to intrigued up-and-comers, business visionaries, and ranchers who are searching for their future in the field of cow compost item fabricating business and need to create a decent gain from cow manure-based business.

Trust you have total data about the organizations of cow manure item making business, how to begin this article, as well as… if some to ask, if it’s not too much trouble, write in the remark box.

“Best wishes for your success and successful business future.”

Thank you for reading this post.

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